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Below are thirty-two (32) FAQ's...

*NOTE: Questions with an asterisk (*) are regarding the "GIVEAWAYS" & "NEEDS" Categories

 1.   How come there are categories to sell items or services?  Isn’t everything free?

*2.  This sounds too good to be true.  What’s the catch?  There’s got to be a catch!

      How can you really get around the need for funding, staffing, planning, etc.?

*3.  Isn’t this just like FreeCycle, Listia, PointsOfLight, Goodwill, or CraigsList?

*4.  Can this all REALLY happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year?

*5.  How can this grow my church?  And EXPONENTIALLY??

*6.  I am not convinced this can help grow my church...what if it doesn’t grow?

*7.  Wouldn't it be better to just create a site (or app) specifically for our Church/ministry?

*8.  How can this help me do outreach & spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?

*9.  How come I only see posts from my Church/ministry/area?

*10. How can this get church (or other group, business, or organization) needs met?

*11. Can a group (i.e. youth group, church, or other organization) post giveaways?

*12. How can this be used to minister to people in the Church congregation & beyond?

 13. What if someone abuses the site (i.e. spam, inappropriate posts, etc.)?

*14. What if I don’t “need” something but just “want” something?

*15. How does someone determine who gets what?

 16. What happens if a posted item or service is no longer available?

 17. How do I protect my personal information (home address, phone number, etc.)?

*18. Can I just browse the site to check out needs and giveaways?

*19. How do I get in touch with someone to get or give something?

*20. Is there a limit to how many needs or giveaways I can post?

 21.  Is there a limit to how long a post stays up?

 22.  Do I need to be part of some local group?  Are there any memberships,

       subscriptions, or pre-requisites before I can use

*23. Are there any fees, credits, or things I have to do in order to receive anything?

 24. How do I keep myself safe when meeting with a stranger?

 25. Do I need to meet people face-to-face?

*26. How do money donations work?

 27.  Is this for U.S. residents only?

 28.  Am I limited to connecting with people only within a certain area (i.e. city, state,

       country, region, 50 mile radius from my church, etc.)?

 29.  Do I have to be a Christian, or part of a Church or other charitable organization?

 30.  Are there any liability issues or risks of which I should be aware?

 31.  Is directly affiliated with any specific church, denomination,

       or other organization?

 32.  I have another question that’s not listed here...

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