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FAQ 2...

This sounds too good to be true.  What’s the catch?  There’s got to be a catch! 

How can you really get around the need for funding, staffing, planning, etc.?

*NOTE: This Q&A is regarding the "GIVEAWAYS" & "NEEDS" Categories


There is no catch and there are no strings attached.  Everything given is absolutely free. 

No “credits” or “trades” or “things to do” (like signing up for something or subscribing to

this thing or that thing).  It really IS that good because depends

on the greatness, goodness, and unsurpassed power of the love of Jesus Christ, as

He compels people to act in sincere kindness and goodness toward one another. 


And how do you get around funding, staffing, planning, etc.?  Let’s look at a couple



Say Jane (from your church) needs a computer, so she goes to  to post that need.  Then Bill (also from your church) sees her

post when he browses the site.  It happens he actually can give her a computer.  So Bill

contacts Jane through the site & makes arrangements so he can give her the computer. 

TA-DA!  Need met!  Or let’s say Kelly (from your church) posts that she is giving away

free painting and gardening services.  Then John (also from your church) browses and sees that Kelly is able to help him fix up some paint-jobs

and gardening at his house.  So he gets in touch with Kelly through the site and the two

of them make arrangements to get the painting and gardening done.  Again...need met! 

Or what if your church (or other organization) needs to raise funds for a building project,

so one of your representatives posts on that you are in need of

financial support.  Then people browse the site, see this post, & contact you to contribute

funds for your church (or other organization) project.  And just like that...AGAIN, TA-DA! 

Need met!  


Just stop and think about this for a moment.  Did you have to use funds

to create or use this site?  No.  Did you have to get church staff to organize or plan or

coordinate meetings between people?  No.  Did you have to recruit workers to dispatch

items or provide services?  No.  Did you have to provide storage/meeting/building space? 

No.  Did you have to host events?  No.  Did you have to make time commitments or

schedule meetings?  No.  Did you have to do ANYTHING other than encourage people

to take advantage of so they can connect with each other

and meet needs?  No!  


Do you see how absolutely totally simple and powerful this is?? 

It’s THE PEOPLE themselves - NOT just church staff or church workers or volunteers -

it’s THE PEOPLE (even the “selfish” and “lazy” ones!) who do the funding, staffing,

planning, organizing, scheduling, recruiting, hosting, etc.  People are already there with

their own time, talents, and other UNTAPPED RESOURCES....and they’re right there

sitting in your church & in your meetings, getting together for worship & Bible studies,

having fellowship, going on retreats, and so forth.  They only need the opportunity to be

FULLY EMPOWERED to share the love of Jesus Christ.  They only need the chance

to CONNECT DIRECTLY with one another, ON THEIR OWN.  And your church, by

using as a FREE resource, will be a “point of connection”

where all people experience Christian love in a truly sincere, real, and tangible way. 

Best of all, the kingdom of JESUS CHRIST - not just “a church” - will grow.  


*IMPORTANT NOTE: When using, people are always urged to

include their church affiliation so anybody using the site can be aware of which church

they represent...this is an easy but powerful & FREE way to advertise your church! 

The more people use the site and post needs & giveaways that are affiliated with

your church, the more your church will get noticed by people EVERYWHERE...  



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