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FAQ 31...

Is directly affiliated with any specific church, denomination, or other organization?



No.  To ensure that the focus is always Jesus Christ and His love, the site has been kept anonymously independent from any church, denomination, or other organization. was created simply to follow the command of Jesus Christ as stated in The Word of God: that those who would profess to follow Him love one another, and that by doing so, show the world that they are truly followers of Jesus Christ.  This is nothing other than a “tool” meant to be used by everyone - especially Christians & their churches - to follow Jesus’ command and love each other. 

The hope and prayer is that enough Christians will rise to the occasion and take advantage of this opportunity to prove to the world that Christians are truly known for LOVE above all. 

Christians everywhere are called upon to unite in an unprecedented, unequaled, unmatched,

uncontested demonstration of the TRUE LOVE that comes only from Jesus Christ. 

Specific biblical references are John 13:34-35 & John 15:17.



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