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FAQ 3...

Isn’t this just like FreeCycle, Listia, PointsOfLight, Goodwill, or CraigsList?

*NOTE: This Q&A is regarding the "GIVEAWAYS" & "NEEDS" Categories



No, for many reasons.  


First of all, unlike other “free giveaway” or volunteer sites, is emphatically centered around Jesus Christ, and the goodness, greatness, and boundless love that can come only from Him.  Other sites like,,, or Goodwill are centered on people’s inner “goodness” (help people) &/or love for the environment (recycle stuff) plus a need to just “get rid of stuff you don’t want anymore” or simply “trade” items.  


Secondly, with sites like, you need to “earn” credits to get anything “for free” there’s a catch and nothing is really TRULY “free.”  


Thirdly, with sites like, there is a more complex process involving moderators, signing up to be part of certain groups, etc. and so the procedure is actually very involved and not user friendly at all.  George Bush Sr.’s also has even more red-tape you must go through, since a great portion of connections made there are through government organizations such as police or fire departments, schools, hospitals, etc.  


But on the other hand is VERY simple, VERY easy, and VERY user’s as easy as using with no “red tape” & no extra “process” or “middle-man” or “organization” to go through - you get in touch DIRECTLY with the people you help &/or the people who help you!


Also, unlike other sites, focuses on BOTH items and services. 

Sites like or and even Goodwill are focused mainly on items,

while places like are based mainly on giving services instead of items. 

And if you’re thinking about the “free” section on Craigslist, just realize that it’s pretty much limited to merely items (no services).  Plus, much of what is listed as “free” is usually nothing more than animals or pets people want to get rid of, and/or other “get-rid-of” items (and even dirt!). 


It is important to address people’s needs in EVERY aspect, whether it be tangible or

intangible, whether it be a product, item, or an actual service requiring time to perform. 

In this sense, is much more broad and universal in its ability to

address virtually EVERY need that you can think of (yard-work, computers, cell phones,

tutoring, transportation, job search, counseling, prayer, rent, food, clothes, medical aid,

funding/financial aid, construction, laptops, moving, painting, furniture, cars/houses, etc.) is all-encompassing (both items AND services with regard to

both needs AND giveaways), user-friendly, really TRULY 100% FREE, & best of all....

the main focal point is Jesus Christ. 



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