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FAQ 12...

How can this be used to minister to people in the Church congregation & beyond?

 *NOTE: This Q&A is regarding the "GIVEAWAYS" & "NEEDS" Categories



People in the congregation (& beyond) simply post their needs and giveaways on to let others within the church (and thus the church itself) - plus everybody else browsing the site - know what they need & what they can give.  And they can do all of this in the safety of anonymity.  

This very simple process allows anybody and everybody browsing the website (not just a church “ministry” or “board” - in fact, ANYONE who uses the site) to be able to see stated needs and meet them (while still allowing people to remain anonymous if they choose to)....AND at the same time also see posted giveaways that meet their own needs. 

Also, people can just browse the site to check posted giveaways and see if any items or services are listed that fit their need(s), plus check posted needs for people to help. 

Posting and browsing, posting and browsing, you get the really IS that simple! 


What does is simply free up EVERYONE to minister and EVERYONE to serve (in addition to receiving), so the job and responsibility of “ministering” is more effectively distributed through the whole church (not just the pastor and church staff).  This exponentially increases the ability of a church to minister to its congregation and surrounding communities, since everyone - EVERYONE - becomes both a minister (give for free) & a parishioner (receive for free) at the same time... and better yet, this all happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in REAL-TIME, non-stop!



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