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FAQ 5...

How can this grow my church?  And EXPONENTIALLY??

*NOTE: This Q&A is regarding the "GIVEAWAYS" & "NEEDS" Categories


(*Sidenote: Make sure you also read the answer to FAQ #7!)


The real question you should be asking is, “How can it NOT?”  When you create an atmosphere of true love, the love of Jesus Christ, where people actually help one another FREELY through genuine acts of kindness 24/7, people will want to come check you out.  Inviting someone to church couldn’t be easier!  


Even the most “selfish” person will want to connect with you just to see what they can get for FREE.  They’ll probably think to themselves, “Wait, there’s no catch?  I don’t have to even listen to a sermon or read my Bible?  You’ll ACTUALLY help me FOR FREE?  Hmmm... maybe these Christians really DO practice what they preach...” 


At that point, continue to give to them freely, praying that The Holy Spirit would work on the person’s heart through the free giveaways they receive.  If they won’t come to your church, GO OUT TO THEM to meet their needs...people usually will not let you in to their home just to talk about Jesus and how they need salvation, but they will let you in if you are responding to a request for assistance.  


In so doing, you can’t help but develop genuine connections with people as you offer free aid.  You will be able to use these connections to allow people to easily and quickly BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.  Such organic connections will NATURALLY lead to building and expanding your church (you won’t even have to try!).  When “Christian love” is experienced in a tangible, concrete, simple, ongoing fashion, the possibilities for church growth are ENDLESS!

And as for EXPONENTIAL growth, frees up EVERYONE (not just the pastor & church staff, but EVERYONE) to minister and serve (in addition to receiving).  This exponentially increases the ability of a church to reach out & grow, since everyone in your church - EVERYONE - becomes BOTH a minister (give for free) and a parishioner (receive for free) at the same time... 24/7, 365/yr, REAL-TIME, non-stop!


*IMPORTANT NOTE: When using, people are always urged to

include their church affiliation so anybody using the site can be aware of which church

they represent...this is an easy but powerful & FREE way to advertise your church! 

The more people use the site and post needs & giveaways that are affiliated with

your church, the more your church will get noticed by people EVERYWHERE...



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