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Minute-A-Month Challenge

Let's show the world
what it REALLY means
to follow Jesus!
(John 13:34-35)


Let's love one another in Christ, 24/7,

and spread the love of Jesus in a simple,

powerful, & truly revolutionary way! 

Too often someone gets forgotten or overlooked just because we're unaware of what people need and what they can give.  But with all this knowledge at our fingertips, in today's 21st Century culture which is so dominated by information technology, we can truly make a difference and demonstrate Christian love unlike ever before!!


Take the




For only one minute every month SHARE one need or giveaway on (if you're on a desktop/laptop, use orange "Post Classified" button in upper-left; if you're on a mobile device, just enter info)...




....ENCOURAGE someone else to take on The Minute-A-Month Challenge! (just share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, e-mail, etc.!)

Get people doing this in Church, & unleash EVERYONE for 24/7 ministry, 24/7 outreach, & 24/7 Church growth!!


free items & services!

Prayer, yard work, transportation, food, clothes, tutoring, furniture, appliances, electronics, professional services, health, dental, legal, books, supplies, housing, cars, computers, equipment, staffing, Church work, financial aid, babysitting, music, & on and on...



When entering needs & giveaways, you can remain anonymous and don't even have to list any contact information.

Also please include your affiliated Church or ministry when submitting needs & giveaways.  Doing this will help people meet needs faster!

 Just a minute a month... 

 ...that's IT! 

By the way, did you know that people have been saying SATANISTS are actually more loving than Christians?  Click here to read the article.  This is very sad and highly disturbing. 


Let's DO SOMETHING about it! 

Let's prove them wrong!! 

Not just with words, but with...


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