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INSTRUCTIONS For Christian Church Leaders

(Do all 3 steps COMPLETELY to guarantee success!)

STEP #1: 


Submit your Church for free inclusion in the Accelerated Church Growth Program by emailing with the following four (4) items:


1. Name of Church or ministry to appear in searches, listings, & categories. 

2. Name of country plus city & state (or town/village & province/region) where you want your Church & ministries to be advertised, marketed, and promoted. 

3. Church or Ministry Website -AND/OR- Church or Ministry Street Address. 

4. Contact Person Name (first & last), with Church Position (i.e. Pastor, Deacon, Attendee, Friend of someone who goes to that Church or is part of that ministry, etc.).


After receiving the above information, you will be contacted via email to verify details for publication (you will NOT be charged).

This program is exclusive & only for Church leaders and pastors who are REALLY serious about turning their Church into a connecting point where people obey the command of Jesus Christ, loving one another SO MUCH that needs are freely met constantly, 24/7, and Church growth becomes literally UNSTOPPABLE.


With *SUCCESS 100% GUARANTEED, this program is designed to, as its name implies, help you grow your Church faster and at an EXPONENTIAL rate.  It is furthermore provided completely FREE of charge, in an effort to help you do everything possible to further promote and expand your ministries, outreach, & Church GROWTH.  (*NOTE: The 100% Success Guarantee assumes you properly and completely follow all 3 steps)


Using this program unlocks for you a whole arsenal of Church Growth tools, including:


       - Premium Listing Options (make your Church and ministries more visible & easier to find)

       - Geo-Targeting Options (target specific locations...areas, regions, countries, etc.)

       - Search Engine Optimization (promote your Church globally on the internet 24/7)

       - Reputation Management (establish, build, and grow a positive Church image)

       - Organic Relational Cultivation (connect people with each other & your Church)



*IMPORTANT NOTEThe site is designed to encourage people to first and foremost meet each other's needs within their local Church/ministry/area.  If you are not seeing posts in your area, or if you are only seeing the needs &/or giveaways from your local Church, ministry, or location, then that may mean there are not yet enough active users in your area...this means you need to generate more posts on a consistent basis (which advertises your Church & ministries more!) that are affiliated with your own geographic region before being allowed to view other posts outside of your immediate congregation.  This setup ensures you get maximum advertising, marketing, & promotion for your Church & ministries, while alsoupholding the biblical mandate of loving one another FIRST within the body of Christ, BEFORE going out to "love them out there" (John 13:34-35 & Galatians 6:10).  Additionally, we want to protect you and your congregation from burning yourselves out, so we must do everything we can to ensure your needs are met first, fully preparing you to love everyone else outside your Church walls.



STEP #2: 


To keep your listings active and ensure uninterrupted advertising for your Church and ministries, constantly urge as many people as possible to take The Minute-A-Month Challenge (details in sample scripts below). This demonstrates in a tangible and measurable way that your congregation is serious about meeting each other's needs and the needs of their surrounding community 24/7, and also that the listings we create for you are being used.

Remind people to use your active listings that have been set up for you, and to list your Church as their affiliated ministry.  


To guarantee success, incorporate The Minute-A-Month Challenge into your regular weekly Church tithes and offerings times so people are not only asked to "give" but also to RECEIVE. Instruct people to, during the tithes/offerings time, actually take out their phones, iPads, tablets, etc. if possible and take just one minute to share one need or giveaway.  This approach will furthermore encourage people to actually look forward to tithes & offerings, and not just see it as "the Church asking for money" but instead an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ, in a very real and practical, tangible way.  Make this a time to truly give AND receive!

LINKS to Share (txt, email, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, verbal announcements, etc.):

Sample Script to CONSTANTLY Share & Announce (DURING Tithes & Offering Times):


Tithes & offerings aren't just about financial donations.  If you like FREE stuff, or better yet, you like obeying The Saviour's command to love one another as stated in John 13:34-35, please take out your cell phone or other mobile device at this time.  


On your mobile device (or later when you go home, on a laptop or desktop computer), go to, follow the onscreen instructions, & take a minute to share at least one need or give away so we can connect & freely meet needs - yes, that also means NEEDS OF YOUR OWN!  


In John 13:34-35, The Saviour commanded us to love each other and even said this is how people will know we are truly His followers.  Well, an easy and practical way to do that is simply meeting each other's needs with free items and services! 


You can find our section under [INSERT CONFIRMED CHURCH OR MINISTRY LISTING] and when asked for church/ministry affiliation, enter [INSERT CHURCH OR MINISTRY NAME].  Depending on your device setup, you may need to use the orange "Post Classified" link button in the upper-left corner to share a need or giveaway; otherwise just enter info.


Don't worry, payment is not required, and if you'd like you can remain fully anonymous.


So please, give AND receive; seek OR serve...on

SHORT VERSION Sample Script to CONSTANTLY Share & Announce DURING Tithes & Offering Times (full version above):


In addition to regular tithes & offerings, we invite you to take out your cell phone or other mobile device at this time, and go to  Follow the onscreen instructions & take a minute to share at least one need or give away so we can connect & freely meet needs - yes, that also means NEEDS OF YOUR OWN!  So please, give AND receive; seek OR serve...on

Sample Script to CONSTANTLY Share & Announce (All Other Times OUTSIDE OF Tithes & Offering Times):


GIVE AND RECEIVE free items & services!  Prayer, yard work, transportation, food, clothes, tutoring, furniture, appliances, electronics, professional services, health, dental, legal, books, school supplies, housing, cars, computers, office equipment, staff, Church workers, financial aid, & on and on!  All for FREE! 

Let's love one another in Christ, 24/7, and spread the love of Jesus in a real, practical, and tangible way!  Take the MINUTE-A-MONTH (MAM) CHALLENGE....for only one minute out of each month, share one need or giveaway on (use orange "Post Classified" link button in upper-left corner; if on mobile device, just enter info).

If you want, when sharing a need or giveaway, you can remain anonymous and don't even have to list any contact information. 

Please list [INSERT CHURCH OR MINISTRY NAME] as the affiliated Church when sharing needs and giveaways. 

It doesn't get any easier than this.  A minute a month...that's IT!


The more we share our needs and giveaways, the more we can love one another in a real & practical way as The Saviour commanded us in John 13:34-35.  

SHORT VERSION Sample Script to CONSTANTLY Share & Announce OUTSIDE OF Tithes & Offering Times (full version above):


GIVE AND RECEIVE free items & services!  All for FREE!  Let's love one another in Christ, 24/7, and spread the love of Jesus! Take the MINUTE-A-MONTH CHALLENGE....for only one minute each month, share just one need or giveaway on (use orange "Post Classified" link button in upper-left corner; if on mobile device, just enter info). The more we share needs & giveaways, the more we can love one another.....go to now!


STEP #3:  


To guarantee success, never stop doing Step 2 so that you can UNLEASH EVERYONE to minister, do outreach, and also advertise, market, & promote your Church 24/7 non-stop on a global scale!

*NOTE: If you have questions about The Minute-A-Month Challenge or anything else regarding implementing this Church growth system into your ministries...

• find out how & why works HERE

• get a brief summary about us HERE

• visit the section for Frequently Asked Questions HERE

• you can also email us at 


Every person you get to do The MAM Challenge, without even knowing it, becomes part of your very own 24/7 Church ministry, outreach, & promotional force!

And all they're doing is going online to share their needs and giveaways...that's IT!

It's all about John 13:34-35.  Obeying the command of Christ, so simple in its mandate yet so effective in its application to Church health & growth, is the key to making this work... 



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