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YES! We'll Advertise Your Church FOR FREE (and help you do MORE ministry, outreach, & Church Growth even during quarantines!)

If you are unable to watch the video, it's ok... just read on.....

These days, people are ALWAYS on their phones, iPads, tablets, other mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers, you name it - we'll show you how to tap into that digital information powerhouse and put it to work (24/7) for your ministries!

All you need to do is constantly urge as many people as possible to love one another (John 13:34ff).  

HOWEVER... have to do it in a specific way that...

  1. Incorporates the use of people's mobile devices (phones, iPads, tablets, etc.) as well as laptops & desktop computers,

  2. Helps them LOOK FORWARD to weekly tithes & offerings, 

  3. Enables them to get &/or give FREE items &/or services (but still remain anonymous if they want), 

  4. While at the same time (without them knowing or trying to) advertise, market, promote, & exponentially GROW your Church... 


....FOR FREE... 

....CONSTANTLY, over and over again...

....every year, every month, every week, every day - including holidays - 24/7! 

It doesn't get any more simple or more powerful than this.  Once you get this going, it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to stop! 

Who would have ever thought that simply obeying The Saviour's command to love is perhaps the easiest, most effective, most powerful, most biblical, most natural, and least expensive (100% FREE) way to grow your ministries!

Once you tell us how you'd like your listings to appear, and then receive confirmation that your links have been activated, you will be able to get started immediately and direct people to use them.  As far as they're concerned, they're just giving and receiving free items and services, obeying the command to love. But as far as you're concerned, you are growing your very own full-fledged ministry, outreach, and promotional force that works around the clock day and night for your Church!  

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and The Lord to obey (John 13:34-35).

ACT TODAY! RIGHT THIS INSTANT! Start building your EXPONENTIAL 24/7 comprehensive Church growth team that NEVER STOPS advertising, marketing, ministering, doing outreach, and promoting for you....ALL FOR FREE!

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