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UNSTOPPABLE Church Growth 24/7

With NO Funding & NO Staffing? was developed under the belief that the smartest and best thing to do at ANY time, in ANY place, and in ANY situation is to SIMPLY OBEY THE LORD.  Nothing more, nothing less.  But this begs the question, "What does He command us to do?"  John 13:34-35 provides a glaringly evident answer: LOVE ONE ANOTHER, and by doing so show the world that we are truly His followers.

You might say, "But our Church is already loving."  Maybe so, but is it loving to the degree where people are able to help each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with things such as yardwork, medical aid, clothes, computers, housing, and even cars....all without any Church staff lifting a finger or contributing a single penny...while at the same time MASSIVELY advertising, marketing, and promoting your Church all over the world through Search Engine Optimization? 

Or you might be thinking the opposite, "But not many people in our Church are loving."  Well then they're sure to be interested in getting FREE items & services, right?  So was designed to be a platform not only to give for free, but to RECEIVE for free.  =)

Of course there's the other objection: "But people are too busy & burdened...they already have a million other things to do."  Perhaps, but NOBODY is too busy to take just one MINUTE (60 seconds!) out of each came up with The Minute-A-Month Challenge as the one specific, measurable, super-easy "thing-to-do" for people in your Church. =)

Now it doesn't take a genius to figure this out....if you actually create a place where people really, TRULY love one another - which means they meet each other's needs - in a real, practical, and tangible way that can happen NON-STOP 24 hours a you think that kind of an atmosphere would help Church growth?  OF COURSE IT WOULD!  It would DRASTICALLY help growth.  And if it doesn't, assuming you're not only concerned with "numbers," at the very LEAST you obey The Lord's command to love.

We often try so hard strategizing & planning "Church growth" it never occurs to us that Jesus already gave us the solution: Church growth is INHERENT in His command to love.  While He may not have specifically told us to "grow Church," He told us the very thing to do which will naturally result in a healthy, growing, thriving, and ever-expanding Church.  John 13:34-35 is a stroke of marketing powerful, so SIMPLE, so well-known, and so perfectly hidden in plain sight. 

Whether it's Christian or not, the fact of the matter is that the more a place is loving, the more it grows.  PERIOD.

And we're not just talking about growth in terms of "numbers."  We're talking about growth in terms of HEALTH.  A Jesus-loving, people-caring, fully thriving, community impacting, Gospel spreading, smoothly functioning, life-transforming Church which can only be achieved through, you guessed it...LOVING ONE ANOTHER.

Loving each other isn't just a command.  It's not just something good people do.  It's not just a goal.  It's actually the most genuine and exceedingly effective strategic method for achieving Church growth.  And it's so SIMPLE that we almost always miss it.  When we talk about Church growth, the command to love one another rarely ever crosses our minds, and then we wonder why so many people leave Churches to join NON-Christian groups which they see as "more loving."

Could you imagine how difficult it would be trying to grow apples without their trees?  You don't "grow" the apples themselves.  You put your efforts into taking care of the tree, which will then yield GREAT NUMBERS of fruit on its own.  In the same way, if you want Church growth, you don't put your efforts into "growing Church."  You instead put your efforts - your strategies, your planning, and so forth - into doing EVERYTHING you can to get people obeying Jesus Christ's command to love one another, which will then naturally yield the fruit of Church growth WITHOUT ANY LIMITS.

 *NOTE: If you can't watch the videos, you may skip them and read on..... 

 *NOTE: If you can't watch the videos, you may skip them and read on..... 


Calling all Christians to unite in an UNPRECEDENTED example of the

    greatest love being found in Jesus Christ,            

       & discover how to  exponentially INCREASE  


   Ministry, Outreach, & CHURCH GROWTH 24/7 with... 


  • NO Funding

  • NO Staffing

  • NO Planning

  • NO Recruiting

  • NO Organizing

  • NO Church Space

  • NO Time Commitments




Would you happen to be...


• INTERESTED in discovering effective ways to GROW your Church beyond any limits of funding, staffing, recruiting, planning, organizing, or lack of space and time?

• TIRED of people stereotyping Christians & Churches as hypocritical, judgmental, boring, or perhaps worse?

• SICK of hearing how "bad" Christians are & how "good" NON-Christians are?

• SEARCHING for ways to get people in your congregation to build relationships & connect?

• WORKING hard (maybe TOO hard) ministering to the people in your community of believers?

• OVERWHELMED with all the different outreach & evangelism projects you want to accomplish?

• WISHING more people in your Church would CONTRIBUTE of themselves and just simply OBEY THE LORD?

If you answered "Yes!" to ANY of the above, then you absolutely without a doubt MUST take advantage of this 100% FREE Resource!

No matter how small or big it may be... whether you have 100 people, hundreds of people, THOUSANDS, or less than 20.... 


....for your Church & ministries to grow, people should easily find you, have a favorable perception of you, and be drawn to connect, stay, & grow with you. is designed to fully maximize the effectiveness of these three key elements of Church growth, while at the same time minimize the amount of effort & investments required to be successful.  Too many times we Church leaders work hard - TOO hard - only to achieve poor, mediocre, or less than desirable results.  But it's not about working "hard."  It's about working SMART... is an immensely powerful Church Growth system that employs Search Engine Optimization (so people can easily find your Church), Reputation Management (so people have a favorable perception of your Church), & Organic Relational Cultivation (so people are drawn to connect, stay, and grow with your Church), with all 3 factors revolving around the marketing genius inherent in Jesus Christ's command to love each other (John 13:34-35).  

It requires only one minute a month from people in your congregation, and also provides a way to obtain FREE items & services So if anybody says their schedule is full, they won't really have any excuse with something that requires only one minute out of a whole month.  And if someone is not necessarily in the mood to love others, they will still have the incentive of getting things for FREE.  But then again, obeying Jesus Christ's command to love should be MORE than enough of a good reason to act, right?  

The goal of is to equip Churches to become significant connecting points where people obey The Lord's command to love (John 13:34-35), and to do so in such a way that Church growth becomes INEVITABLE, EXPONENTIAL, & UNSTOPPABLE....and growth not just in terms of numbers, but in terms of HEALTH...we're talking about a Jesus-loving, people-caring, fully thriving, community impacting, gospel spreading, smoothly functioning, life-transforming Church!

As a free online resource for Churches to get their congregations informing & contacting each other about needs & giveaways, helps people freely meet needs in real-time 24/7.  Asking for only one minute a month from people, it features FREE items & services & is designed for Christians to transform their communities into Christ-like environments exploding with 24/7 ministry, 24/7 outreach, & 24/7 Church growth.

When we say "needs" we mean REAL needs - computers, clothes, transportation, prayer, yardwork, cleaning, food, funds, housing, visitation, health, medical, legal, counseling, electronics, furniture, school supplies, office equipment, appliances, construction, baby-sitting, tutoring, toys, and on and on!


The thing is, people in your Church & ministries have a multitude of untapped resources including things they need & things they can give... they just need the opportunity to make those needs & giveaways known so they can be unleashed to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, in a genuine, practical, and tangible way that results in EXPONENTIAL CHURCH GROWTH.


This is an amazing & innovative free new tool empowering EVERYONE in your Church to easily & effectively love one another through real acts of kindness as they contact each other.  Also, people (and organizations too!) use this site both ways - to post giveaways AND needs!!

Foster this kind of love in your Church, & watch as The Lord Jesus Christ works wonders.  Just use to make your Church a place where EVERYONE meets needs through Jesus Christ, 24 hours a day, 365 days every year, in REAL-TIME, non-stop! 


As you use to UNLEASH everyone to become a 24/7 ministry, 24/7 outreach, & 24/7 advertising, marketing, & promotional force for your Church, growth will become literally UNSTOPPABLE!

To understand more about HOW & WHY actually works, let's examine its philosophy & Three (3) main Church growth components:


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