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Here are some of the reasons (especially Reason #22) why is unlike anything you've ever seen, and why you absolutely MUST take advantage of this

100% FREE resource


ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE TO USE! is not a book, seminar, workshop, class, course, training program, ministry conference, software download, etc.  It is a completely FREE TO USE online resource which will help you UNLEASH your whole congregation to become a 24/7 ministry, 24/7 outreach, and 24/7 advertising, marketing, & promotional force for your Church.  And there are NO financial obligations, NO time commitments, & NO learning curves.




READY-TO-GO (IMMEDIATELY!) is a complete TURN-KEY solution for Church growth which is set up for you to INSTANTLY IMPLEMENT into your Church and ministries.  Get started IMMEDIATELY with absolutely NO funding, NO staffing, NO planning, NO recruiting, NO organizing, NO time commitments, and NO Church space!  Simply get as many people as possible giving one minute of their time each month to post a need or giveaway (as stated in the Instructions section of




ADVERTISE, MARKET, & PROMOTE YOUR CHURCH 24/7, NON-STOP! employs search engine optimization, arguably the most powerful form of advertising, marketing, & promotion that technology can offer.  For any business or organization, this usually costs anywhere from hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars every month.  Add to that the high degree of technical expertise demanded by this form of advertising, and it's easy to see why most Churches never capitalize on this exponentially powerful marketing tool which big companies like insurance providers spend literally HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars on.  However, with, search engine optimization is automatically BUILT INTO THE SYSTEM and there is no need for ANY technical expertise whatsoever! All you need to do is get as many people as possible CONSTANTLY POSTING on any needs or giveaways they may have (at least one minute each month is all it takes!).  The more people you get doing this, the more prominent you become on the internet and the more easily people will find your Church & ministries. is set up so that ANYBODY posting ANYTHING on the site is strongly urged to list the details of their associated Church or ministry, to eventually get "crawled" and "indexed" by search engines (including Google!) ALL OVER THE WORLD so YOUR CHURCH gets noticed by EVERYONE (24/7)!


INCENTIVE-BASED ECONOMICS (EASILY INVOLVE EVERYONE!) utilizes incentive-based economics, which is really just a fancy way of saying, "If you give people a REAL INCENTIVE - truly a legitimate & beneficial reason to do something where they can receive something in return - they will be much more inclined to act, and more than that, to act quickly and enthusiastically."  Perhaps one of the biggest problems Churches have with getting people involved is that they are often too "busy" or "burdened" to get involved in ministry or outreach (let's not even talk about how hard it is to get people to advertise, market, & PROMOTE Church!). deals with this problem by offering powerful incentives to act.  For those who are too "busy" this requires of them only one MINUTE out of each MONTH.  For those who are too "burdened" (or just "bored") they can at least see what items and services are available for FREE and discover if anybody can offer them aid to "lift their burdens" with something like free yardwork or a free laptop or free food or a free TV.  For those who want to simply serve Christ, or just "do good," it provides a powerful and practical way to obey the command of Jesus and love one another (John 13:34-35).  So whether someone is too busy or burdened, bored or philanthropic, or truly seeking to serve Christ, provides incentives to act and get involved in something where they can obey The Lord, love others, meet their own needs, and help advertise, market, and promote your Church... without them even knowing they're doing ALL of that at the same time!  Now THAT'S what we call Church growth STRATEGY.



ACCELERATED CHURCH GROWTH PROGRAM (ACGP) offers The Accelerated Church Growth Program (ACGP) to Churches and ministries as a way to further boost their advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts for expansion.  While this exclusive program is indeed completely FREE to join, it requires your Church and ministries to demonstrate a SERIOUSNESS about loving one another by posting a MINIMUM of thirty (30) needs &/or giveaways per month on  All you need to do is get as many people as possible doing the Minute-A-Month Challenge (as stated in the Instructions section of  And if one MINUTE out of each MONTH is too much to ask for, that would mean we've got other issues, LOL.  To inquire about this program, email us at and include your Church or ministry name, its website (if you have one), & contact name with phone number (plus area code).


NON-SECTARIAN (& NON-DENOMINATIONAL) is not biased to any particular group or denomination other than "biblical Christianity."  To ensure that the focus is always Jesus Christ, the site has been kept anonymously independent from any Church, denomination, or other organization. was created simply to follow the command of Jesus Christ as stated in The Word of God (John 13:34-35): that those who profess to follow Him love one another, and that by doing so, show the world that they are truly followers of Jesus Christ. is nothing other than a “tool” meant to be used by everyone - especially Christians & their churches - to follow Jesus’ command and love each other, and to do so in such a way that Church growth is inevitable, exponential, & unstoppable.




While is described as "Christian & Bible-based," it is important to SPECIFY the meaning of that phrase, which could be interpreted in a number of different ways. was created simply to follow the command of Jesus Christ as stated in The Word of God in John 13:34-35: that those who would profess to follow Him love one another, and that by doing so, show the world that they are truly followers of Jesus Christ. is nothing other than a “tool” meant to be used by everyone - especially Christians & their churches - to follow Jesus’ command and love each other.  The hope and prayer is that enough Christians will rise to the occasion and take advantage of this opportunity to prove to the world that Christians are truly known for LOVE above all.   Christians everywhere are called upon to unite in an unprecedented, unequaled, unmatched, uncontested demonstration of the TRUE LOVE that comes only from Jesus Christ.  Specific biblical references are John 13:34-35 & John 15:17.




We realize that people often want to maintain anonymity when sharing their needs or giveaways.  This is primarily for privacy and security reasons. was therefore designed in such a way that people may post any need or giveaway without listing ANY contact information whatsoever.  The only contact detail necessary is an active email so the system may auto-verify that the user is a REAL person rather than a bot, but this verification email does NOT get listed on the site (unless the user chooses to). People may use the site, not each other's direct contact information, to make initial contact.  Also, because needs & giveaways can be posted anonymously, this means a person doesn't have to worry about feeling "embarrassed." Of course, to make contact with someone to meet a need, at least your email will have to be shared with the other person at SOME point; but this is only AFTER the initial contact was made (ANONYMOUSLY if the user posting a need or giveaway desires) & after both sides have decided they feel comfortable in proceeding.




There is an ever-growing number of people who do NOT use a primary desktop or even laptop computer; but instead, use a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet for their internet searches.  To ensure maximum reachability, adaptability, and mobility for Church growth, was developed to be easily used on these mobile devices for the purposes of download speed, user-friendliness, and efficient search queries.  As soon as a mobile-user accesses, the system recognizes that the person is not on a desktop or laptop computer, and gives them the option to access the site through the mobile version.




One of the biggest challenges for any Church attempting to facilitate ministry and outreach on an ongoing basis is the overwhelming amount of staffing, planning, & organizing required to act as a "middle-man" who schedules & connects people. addresses these issues by providing a platform for people to do this themselves on a 24/7 basis.  They can list their needs & giveaways themselves, and also SEARCH those listings themselves (to connect with others and meet needs for effective ministry & outreach).  And all without EVER requiring any "middle man" or staff. Better yet, it does this in a way that HEAVILY advertises, markets, and promotes your Church, since ANYBODY posting ANYTHING on the site is strongly urged to list their associated Church.  And these Church details are designed to eventually get search engine optimized so people EVERYWHERE start noticing your Church as they "Google" - not just locally, but GLOBALLY.  




People can communicate and connect with each other on their own, create their own profiles if they wish, track and edit their own posts, and so forth....ALL WITHOUT YOU EVER HAVING TO LIFT A FINGER!  The beauty of this set-up is, although you "unleash" people to do everything on their own, it does NOT shift the focus away from your Church, but rather, the complete opposite: this helps to bring your Church to the FOREFRONT of it all as a connecting point where people meet needs and the love of Jesus Christ abounds 24/7. is set up so that ANYBODY posting ANYTHING on the site is strongly urged to list the details of their associated Church or ministry, to eventually get "crawled" and "indexed" by search engines (including Google!) ALL OVER THE WORLD so YOUR CHURCH gets noticed by EVERYONE (24/7)!!



DEDICATED SERVER FOR POWER, DEPENDABILITY, & EFFICIENCY is designed to handle the tremendous computer processing and internet bandwidth demands of people all over the country (and all over the world) constantly inputting information and entering search queries (24/7) for needs & giveaways.  To this end, the site is supported by a DEDICATED SERVER to ensure power, dependability, and efficiency.  This may seem like a small technicality, but it actually is a major factor that helps ensure everything runs smoothly and that people are able to meet each other's needs without encountering any technical difficulties that may hinder the process.



USER-FRIENDLY is set up so that is is extremely easy to use for ANYBODY.  In fact, it's just as easy as (if not EASIER than) Craigslist.  You don't even need an account to get started posting needs and giveaways!!  




People in the Church congregation (& beyond) simply post their needs and giveaways on to let others know what they need & what they can give.  This very simple process allows anybody and everybody browsing the website (not just a church “ministry” or “board” - in fact, ANYONE who uses the site) to be able to see stated needs and meet them...AND also see posted giveaways that meet their own needs.  Posting and browsing, posting and browsing, you get the really IS that simple!  What does is simply free up EVERYONE to minister and EVERYONE to serve (in addition to receiving), so the job and responsibility of “ministering” is more effectively distributed through the whole church (not just the pastor and church staff).  This EXPONENTIALLY INCREASES the ability of a church to minister to its congregation and surrounding communities, since everyone - EVERYONE - becomes both a minister (give for free) & a parishioner (receive for free) at the same time... and better yet, with the technological power of the internet and search engine optimization, this all happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in REAL-TIME, non-stop!




By simply (and freely) meeting clearly stated needs (items &/or services) as posted on the possibilities for outreach are ENDLESS!  Get everyone browsing needs & posting giveaways on the site, & UNLEASH EVERYONE to serve as it fits their individual schedules and abilities!  No need to manage anything or fund anything or staff anything! Simply UNLEASH EVERYONE to use the system to serve others while at the same time advertising, marketing, and promoting your Church 24/7!  And YES....this all can happen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in REAL-TIME, non-stop, because you are utilizing the power of the internet and search engine optimization, which works CEASELESSLY even while you are sleeping!




As you use to unleash people to meet each other's needs in a consistent and practical way, it is INEVITABLE for people to build relationships with one another.  You can’t help but develop genuine connections with people as you offer free aid.  You will be able to use these connections to allow people to easily and quickly BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.  Such organic connections will NATURALLY lead to building and expanding your Church (you won’t even have to try!).  When “Christian love” is experienced in a tangible, concrete, simple, ongoing fashion, the possibilities for meaningful relationships, deep connections, strong affiliations, and overall church growth are ENDLESS!




Most people won’t let you into their home to talk to them about Jesus.  However, if you show up at their house in response to their request for assistance in a project or to give them a free TV or help with free yardwork that you guys agreed on through prior communication on, they’re sure to let you in.  By building genuine relationships with people through meeting needs, Christ’s love is experienced & people are more receptive to hearing the gospel. 




There is a disturbing amount of research by reputable organizations such as The Barna Group indicating a steadily growing number of people both in and out of the Chrisitan community who view it in a largely negative way.  To be more specific, the research shows a growing trend in people viewing "Christians" and "Church" in general as hypocritical, judgmental, anti-homosexual, too political, and non-relevant, among other things.  In short, Christians and the Church as a whole are suffering from a seriously tainted image that drastically hinders Church growth. But with you can be more powerfully equipped than ever to combat these negative perceptions, since you would be captilizing on a Church growth system that works relentlessly to create a NOTICEABLE AND REPUTABLE community of people who help one another freely and where the love of Jesus Christ abounds in a practical, tangible, and never-ending way for EVERYONE to see.




You & your Church have needs too!  Use to help meet your own needs as well as the needs of your Church (or other group or organization) by posting them on (which by the way also advertises, markets, & promotes your Church at the same time through Search Engine Optimization!), whether it be help with Sunday School teaching, contributions to food drives, church staffing, ministry help, furniture, computers, clothing, funding for a building project, tools, volunteers, office supplies, and on & on.  Additionally, make sure you constantly browse the posted giveaways on to see if anybody is offering items or services that fit the need(s) of your church (or other group or organization).




Another thing to note is that is set up so that this works well in ALL Church sizes (small, medium, or large).  Often it is the case that one Church growth strategy, method, or approach works well in only small Churches, or only applies to large Churches, etc.  However, with, it doesn't matter how small your Church is (20 or less) or how big it may become (hundreds to thousands).  The set-up of applies easily and successfully no matter the size of the Church because the problems of funding, staffing, planning, recruiting, organizing, time commitments, and Church space are all virtually eliminated.  Also, its 3 primary Church growth components (Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, and Organic Relational Cultivation) are all vital to a Church regardless of its size.  Indeed, ALL Churches must strive to be easily found, favorably perceived, and places where people are drawn to connect, stay, & grow.    



UNPRECEDENTED COMPREHENSIVE  ALL-ENCOMPASSING SYSTEM employs an unprecedented synergistic combination of three powerful Church growth components all revolving around Jesus Christ's command to love one another (John 13:34-35).  This is a comprehensive, all-encompassing, turn-key solution for Church growth that utilizes Search Engine Optimization (so people can easily find your Church), Reputation Management (so people have a favorable perception of your Church), and Organic Relational Cultivation (so people are drawn to connect, stay, and grow with your Church).  And it functions in a way that requires literally virtually NO funding, NO staffing, NO planning, NO recruiting, NO organizing, NO Church space, and NO time commitments.  More than that, this comprehensive system is designed for Church growth not only in terms of numbers, but in terms of overall Church HEALTH.... a Jesus-loving, people-caring, fully thriving, community impacting, Gospel spreading, smoothly functioning, life-transforming Church!




Let’s assume for the sake of argument that you get this started in your church, where people are posting their needs and giveaways, and they’re actually connecting with each other to meet needs, obeying the command to love.  In all this, you notice that your church membership has NOT grown.  You do NOT see the increase in numbers that you were hoping for.  What this means is that the ONLY thing you accomplish is an increase in ministry to people within your church, WITHOUT added funding, staffing, planning, or recruiting.  You ONLY get people in your church to reach out to each other.  You ONLY further develop an atmosphere where people help one another freely and build relationships.  You ONLY free up the people within your church to all pitch in and help share the load of ministry, so the church leadership is greatly relieved and yet able to accomplish more.  You ONLY increase overall ministry effectiveness and help build stronger relationships.   THAT is what can happen in a “worst case scenario” where your church “doesn’t grow.”  And you accomplish all of that with no extra funding, staffing, planning, or recruiting.  The thing is, when you OBEY the command of Jesus Christ, & simply LOVE ONE ANOTHER, failure is NOT an option.  The only way to "fail" is to disobey.  But if you obey The Lord, you succeed 100% of the time.  Now, it may not be "success" from the world's point of view, but it is definitely success in The Lord's point of view....and that's what really matters.

Guaranteed Success
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