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Church Growth Component #1:

Search Engine Optimization

Church Growth Component #1: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION 

Establishing and developing an online presence so as to be more easily found while people actively use search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, etc.) via their desktop, laptop, mobile, or other device(s)....can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars every month but comes FREE with  Addresses the question, "Are people able to easily find your Church?"

In a fast-growing information and digital age, where people can now in a matter of seconds find what they are looking for through search engines by "Googling," it is imperative that Churches create and maintain a powerful presence on the internet if they are to keep up with the times.  The arrival of search engines in recent decades has introduced an unprecedented form of marketing for any business or organization: an almost "magical" way for you to appear before a person just seconds after they typed in a few words to find you or something associated with you.  Sadly, however, many Churches never utilize search engine optimization because of its technical complexities & high cost.

Through you can get your Church & ministries utilizing powerful search engine optimization with literally NO FUNDS WHATSOEVER.  Using will UNLEASH your community of believers to become a 24/7 search engine optimization force that works around-the-clock establishing and building your presence on the world-wide-web (internet) so people can find your Church ANY TIME of the day or night, ANYWHERE in the world!

It is furthermore designed to get your Church showing up NOT ONLY when people search for things related to Church, God, Jesus Christ, and so forth, but for EVERYTHING that someone normally "Googles" for such as electronics, clothes, food, home projects, baby-sitting or yard-work services, and on and on.  Imagine YOUR Church appearing on a computer screen when someone "Googles" for a local moving service because someone in your Church posted that they can offer help with moving.  Or what if YOUR Church popped up on a computer screen or cell phone search when someone was looking for a laptop or TV because another person in your Church posted that they are giving away one of their laptops & old televisions.  The possibilities are ENDLESS! employs search engine optimization to promote your Church NOT ONLY to Church-goers, Jesus-lovers, and spiritual truth-seekers. 


It is designed to advertise your ministries literally to EVERYONE no matter what they are searching for, because let's face it..... people don't usually go "Googling" for Church. 




...if we can get your ministries popping up in Google searches involving digital devices, furniture, medical or legal aid, music lessons, & so forth, we can show people that Church DOES provide answers to what they're looking for!

As stated in the Instructions (for Church Leaders) section of, all you need to do is ceaselessly urge people to take up the MAM (Minute-A-Month) challenge.  This simple challenge, which asks for only one minute a month from people, can EASILY get your Church and ministries literally THOUSANDS of dollars of advertising, marketing, & promotional services every month FOR FREE.  The more people in your Church give at least one minute of their time each month to post just one need or giveaway, the more your Church gets promoted on the internet and all over the world...& more people can obey Christ's command to love.

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